Crane Tree Service

Our in-house crane allows us to deliver higher-quality services, and more competitive pricing to our customers. Crane use is a standard and popular way to remove large trees from hard to reach areas. Cranes help expedite jobs while also preventing arborists from having to bomb logs off the stem, which could result in large indents in the yard below. Utilizing our in-house crane, we are able to work more efficiently, in a manner that is safer, tidier and convenient.

Benefits of Choosing a Tree Company with an In-House Crane:

  • Safer removal of oversized trees
  • Faster scheduling turnaround. We make our own crane schedule, and do not have to rely on rental availability of the equipment which can delay work
  • To help avoid common hazards such as power lines, structures, difficult to maneuver terrain & landscaping
  • To protect the integrity of surrounding property
  • Labor Cost savings to the customer. With a crane we greatly reduce the length of time needed to remove a tree

We excel in utilizing our crane in hazard tree removal and difficult maneuverability situations. Fill out a contact form or give us a call at (617) 953-5357 to learn more about our crane and tree services.

Kelley Tree Service is a full-service tree trim and removal company. We are a U.S. Army veteran-owned company based in both Cambridge and Danvers, Massachusetts. We are registered and fully insured. Kelley Tree Service offers a range of tree services from complete tree removal. We have a very large tree service area in Massachusetts (from Metro Boston, through the North Shore and up to Cape Ann), so please inquire about our crane services in your specific location.