Emergency Tree Service

For All Emergencies Call: (617) 953-5357

No matter how strong or how healthy a tree is, there is always a chance that extreme weather conditions can take it down.

Nor’easters and other storms wreak havoc on trees. When high winds, rain or snow causes tree limbs or entire trees to fall; homes, cars, and other valuable property are at a greater risk for damage. Storm-weakened trees can be extremely dangerous to handle. Kelley Tree Service can help remove dangerous tree branches before they become a problem, and we can eliminate dangerous tree problems if they indeed fall.

Our team is mobile and acts quickly after a big storm hits Massachusetts. In an emergency situation, be sure that you act fast and get help.

Please be in touch with Kelley Tree Service if you are in need of immediate assistance by dialing (617) 953-5357 or messaging us through our contact form.