Tree Preservation

Trees are an integral part of our environment! They promote ecological balance and biodiversity, while also improving aesthetics and the value of your property. Healthy trees live for a long time and will flourish if cared for properly. Whenever possible, Kelley Tree Service will work to preserve trees, using a variety of techniques that support the tree’s vitality, structure, and health.


Tree preservation begins with an assessment. All of our free estimates include an initial consultation with an experienced arborist. If a more extensive assessment with samples is needed, consultation appointments can be scheduled for a more thorough examination of your trees.

During a consultation, we will:

● Assess Tree Health
● Check Trees for Disease and Pests
● Perform a Tree Risk Assessment

Once we know what is going on with your trees, we can discuss and prioritize the scope of work and create a tree care plan.

Tree Risk Assessment

Kelley Tree Service provides advanced tree risk assessments to both residential and commercial properties in Essex and Middlesex counties. Tree risk assessments are used to spot probable weaknesses before they turn into a major problem. An assessment completed by a certified arborist could save you thousands of dollars in property damages, removal services and personal injury. A tree risk assessment can identify potentially hazardous trees and indicate either removal or preservation techniques.

A Tree Preservation Plan

Tree preservation includes techniques for avoiding removal, supporting health, and protecting your trees.  

Avoiding Removal

If you have a tree that you want removed solely for aesthetics or building clearance, there are pruning and reduction techniques that can sometimes be used to meet your needs without removing your trees.
Trees identified as having risks can be cabled, braced, or pruned to mitigate structural problems.

Supporting Health

Pruning to remove dead wood allows the tree to compartmentalize and push its energy into growth and photosynthesis, rather than into shedding dead branches. More about our pruning services can be found here.

Fertilizers can be used to either add nutrients to soil, or improve nutrient bioavailability in nutrient-rich soil.
Identifying and eradicating pests and diseases improves the trees longevity and health. More about our Insect and Disease services can be found here.

Improperly planted trees can be excavated, de-burlapped, and air-spaded to ensure they are able to grow properly and live a longer, healthier life.

Tree Protection

Construction sites can cause irreparable harm to trees. Protecting the tree and root zone from driving, cutting, or impact will ensure they survive your construction project. Being proactive, assessing, adding tree protection fencing, and monitoring the tree’s health, are all techniques that we can use to protect your trees.