North Andover, MA

Kelley Tree Service is proud to provide tree pruning, tree removal, and plant health care services in North Andover, Massachusetts. North Andover has a wide variety of tree species, conservation areas, state parks, and a collection of heritage trees. We work regularly in the North Andover area and are honored to do our part to care for and preserve the trees in the community. We know the value of trees on your property and our trained tree care professionals will provide them quality care. When performing a removal, our specialized equipment allows us to perform safely and efficiently with no impact on your turf or landscaping.

While most tree removals are straight forward, in North Andover, MA, tree removals in protected wetland areas need approval from the city’s Conservation Committee. More information about the committee can be found here. We have experience working with conservation committees and can help you navigate the process, providing supporting documentation from our Certified Arborists.

Our process begins with a free estimate with one of our arborists, call us today at 617-953-5357 to get started!